413 Oak Place 5K, Florida, USA
866 998 8872 sales@ToddlerTechUSA.com

American Made

Made in the USA

Small business owners, particularly those who make their products constantly look to improve both quality and margins. The most important of those choices is where to get your materials and who assembles them.

Quality Production

Perfect Choice

Made in the USA is not just on our labels, it's the pride we put into every product. It's a mark of high quality and high value. We set the bar high because you do.

Manufacturing Standards

Quality and Consistency

We use only the highest quality machines to produce your work. From sublimation to snap setting, your product is going to be consistently the highest quality. Made in the USA means everything to us!

Creative Solutions

We develop creative solutions to every day problems. Our flagship line of toddler belts is helping to keep droopy drawers up all over the world

Featured Products

Our flagship line of toddler belts are a staple in many of our customer locations. We have expanded the line to include an adult size, as well as belt that wraps all the way around.

Customer Service

From day one, we have always believed that satisfying customers is just the begining. We look to build customer loyalty by always exceeding the standard of satisfaction and striving for excellence.

Some of Our Customers

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